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More than 229 geographically based Ohio State alumni clubs and contacts offer opportunities for service and friendship all over the world.

Club members meet to plan events, to raise funds for scholarships, to inform prospective students about Ohio State, to greet Buckeye athletes or performing artists appearing in the communities, to hear speakers on a variety of topics, and to enjoy being part of the great Ohio State University.

The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Northwest Ohio is a self-supporting group of Ohio State Alumni and Supporters who strive to promote The Ohio State University through a wide range of activities. The Club is affiliated with The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Inc.  Membership in the Club does not include membership in the Alumni Association, nor does membership in the Alumni Association include membership in the Club.

Membership in the Alumni Association is now open to all graduates; that is, those individuals who have earned associate, bachelor, graduate, professional, or honorary degrees from Ohio State, as well as medical resident graduates of the university.

Attendance at Ohio State is not required to join the Club; Our Club is open to anyone wishing to support the Buckeyes!

Our 2019-2020 Scholarship Winners!

These future Buckeyes will be recognized at the annual Summer Sendoff. Congratulations to:

Defiance County:

OSUAA: $600 to Rose Zeedyk

Club: $600 Loryn Wright

Fulton County:

Combined OSUAA and Club: $1,200 to Haiden Gombash

Henry County:

OSUAA: $600 to Jenna Mangas

Club: $600 to Emma Bowers

Williams County:

OSUAA: $600 to Thibaut Woolace

Club: $600 to Sloane Brown

Bell Scholarship: $4,247.00 to Kayla Arnold

Lindsey Winzeler Scholarship: $1,244 to Alexia Dietsch

1 Yr. Single Membership $20.00 USD
1 Yr. Couple Membership $25.00 USD
2 Yr. Single Membership $40.00 USD
2 Yr. Couple Membership $50.00 USD

To join, use the the membership link to the right, or download this Membership Form and mail to:

The OSU Alumni Club of NW OH

Patrick McColley

525 Cambridge St.

Napoleon, OH 43545

Views of the OSU Alumni Club of Northwest Ohio campus